Our Story…

I n 2009 Carlos Castro started our sister company, Mobile C-Arm Services in order to provide facilities with quality c-arms for short term rental use. Once the rentals were complete the facilities would inquire about having the assigned Radiology Technologist back to work again with the facilities surgical staff. This happened so frequently that Radiology, Imaging, Staffing & Consulting (RISC) was formed as an independent company.

The growing market demand for on-call technologists and assistance with regulatory compliance led us to expand the services offered by RISC. Staffing, RSO services, Portable imaging services & training are just a few of the specialties we currently provide.

Radiology Imaging Staffing & Consulting was established in 2013 and is based in Houston, Texas. We currently provide staffing services to facilities throughout the state of Texas. We’ve since grown to serve more than 200 clients, that include leading hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, imaging centers and medical offices.

We focus on not just the technical expertise that you need, but couple that with an emphasis on safety and quality. Above all else, superior client service and satisfaction is our priority. We are on standby, ready to meet any client request. We’ve built our reputation on efficient scheduling, rapid results and a willingness to adapt to our client’s needs.

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Radiology Staffing Services

Whether you need a technologist for a one-time procedure, part-time hours on a regular basis or simply to fill in shift work, our easy online booking system takes the guess work out of scheduling, with an added ability to request specific team members should you desire.

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Accreditation Assistance

Whether it’s help with keeping your certifications current and making modifications to meet current requirements or your need for a comprehensive plan for your facility, we can help. Should a state inspector come unexpectedly, our staff is on-call to walk through any inspections.

RSO Services