< BackTop 3 reasons to use PRN Radiology Techs for your medical facility

Reason #1

You can request experienced Radiology Techs only when needed. Hence the name PRN, which comes from the Latin phrase "pro re nata," and means "as needed."

Reason #2

You can request Radiology Techs that have experience in the surgical procedures being performed. Providing experienced techs is a sure fire way to keep your surgeons happy and make the entire surgical procedure flow smoother.

Reason #3

Using PRN staffing for your radiology techs can save your facility substantial amounts of money. Typically you pay a higher rate per hour but you have an overall savings by not having an employee on staff that is underutilized.

Radiology, Imaging, Staffing & Consulting (RISC) provides PRN staffing for Radiology Techs with the following certifications: RT(R), RT(CT), RT(MR), RT(S), RT(VS). An additional benefit of using RISC staff is that our Rad Techs receive in-house training and also work for training labs with almost all of the major medical device companies. Through our sister company, Mobile C-Arm Services, we provide c-arm rentals and staffing for major medical device companies throughout Texas.

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